I answer the following questions in the sales conversation, which have an impact on the durability of the dance shoes.

  • How often do you dance with the dance shoes?
  • Do the dance shoes fit properly?
  • Do you want cheap or expensive branded dance shoes?
  • Do you only dance on the floor or in between on the street?
  • How do you care for your dance shoes?

If you are a diligent dancer, you will probably have or buy several pairs of dance shoes. Dance shoes are like jogging/running shoes and are designed to be replaced at some point.

It is essential that dance shoes fit properly - quite tightly at first as they will widen. See article "What should I look for when buying dance shoes: https://veryfine.ch/de/blog/tanzschuhtipps/auf-was-sollte-ich-beim-kauf-eines-tanzschuhs-achten

Like a street shoe, leather or fabric dance shoes can widen accordingly over time and therefore no longer provide adequate support. Satin shoes are also washable, but will not last as long if you wash them too often or dance in them a lot. Cheap dance shoes use thinner materials and the movement wears out the uppers and soles, causing them to wear out more quickly.

Dance shoes can also stand up on the street or other floors, but the chrome leather sole will also be stressed (moisture, dirt and small stones). Dancing on a floor can make the dance shoes more durable, but is the chrome leather sole particularly robust, will it stand up to brushing and cleaning for long? Thin chrome leather soles last less long if they are roughened often because the brush scratches the leather away.

Taking care of your dance shoes will also make them last longer; air them out and dry them well after dancing; clean the insole with shoe cleaner and disinfect with disinfectant spray.