For the pair first dance shoes pay attention first to the shoe shape. Make sure that you are properly advised for your foot shape and type of dance you do and that the dance shoes are comfortable.

Depending on the dance and shape of your foot, it is useful for beginners to choose a dance shoe with a smaller opening at the front, as the shoe provides the foot more support. The smaller opening protects against the unwanted stepping on the toes by your dance partner!

The heel height is an important point to consider. Make sure that the heel height of the dance shoes is suitable for your needs and level. If you are not accustomed to wearing high heels, look for a dance shoe with a stable or shorter heel, because dance shoes that are too high can lead to bad technique or foot pain.

Dance shoes are designed in such a way that they are stable even with highest heels.  You can always graduate up to a higher heel after some dancing experience.

Depending on the type of dance, ballroom dance shoes and latin dance shoes are different. Ballroom dance shoes are usually closed front and Latin shoes mostly with strappy and higher heels. You can also use closed dance shoes for latin - the decision is personal.

Dance shoes are produced in different materials: smooth leather, suede, nubuck / synthetic or satin. In the case of leather and suede leather shoes, it should be noted that after a certain period of time they will stretch and adjust to your feet. That's why you should get them pretty tight at the beginning, otherwise you may slip around in the shoe after a some time. But also with all other materials a dance shoe should fit more tightly on the foot than a street shoe. This applies to men's dance shoes as well as ladies' shoes.

The inner lining of dance shoes can become smelly. We recommend that the dance shoes always be aired and dried after the dance class or outing. In winter you can leave them even in a dry place on the balcony, as at below zero degrees, the bacteria will freeze and die from the cold.