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Wir haben Solemates entwickelt, um uns in unseren Schuhen besser zu fühlen. Von Stöckelschuhen über flache Schuhe bis hin zu Sneakers haben wir die besten Lösungen entwickelt, um Schuhschäden und Fussbeschwerden zu vermeiden. Wir freuen uns, unsere Lösungen mit Ihnen zu teilen.

S.O.S Schuhpolster Set S.O.S Schuhpolster Set 2
  • On sale!
  • -CHF 5.00
Delivery from our store in Zurich - 2-4 working days

S.O.S shoe cushion gift set

Solemates Shoe SOS Kit
CHF 24.00 CHF 29.00
Gift box of shoe pads for your dance or fashion shoes. The perfect gift for every dancer on the go.Can be purchased directly in our showroom
Anti-blisterstick Solemates... Anti-blisterstick Solemates... 2
Delivery from our store in Zurich - 2-4 working days
Dance accessories

Anti-blisterstick Solemates Blister Blocker

Solemates Blisterblocker
CHF 15.00
Anti-friction stick that helps prevent blisters by forming.  Blisterblocker provides an invisible barrier to help reduce rubbing and irritation. 100% natural ingredients
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